Strip Jack Naked – Kids Card Game

My eyebrows raised a tad when I heard the name of this kids’ card game — Strip Jack Naked. However, I was curious to find out how this kids’ version was played. Particularly having had so much fun playing the other family card games with ‘My Ship Sails’ and ‘Snap’. Hence, I was keen to learn another card game.



  • 1 pack of 52 Cards
  • 2-6 players


  • Deal all cards to players, around the table, start on left.
  • The aim is to strip other players of their cards – like Snap where the winner ends up with all the cards.


  • It’s a game of chance.
  • Once you are out (or no cards left), you can no longer play, until the last player has ‘stripped’ all the cards from the other players.
  • Start to the left and take turns putting down any single card into the middle.
  • The ‘face or picture’ cards have a plain card value A = 4, K= 3, Q= 2, J= 1.
  • If you put down a face card, the player to your left puts down, one-by-one, that amount of cards.
  • However, if you put down a face card during your drop, then it passes to the next player to put down that amount of cards.
  • If that next player puts down a face card, then the next player puts down the relevant number of cards etc.,

* Option: Joker can be added with a value of 5 or be removed.

This was definitely another fun card game for kids and adults.

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